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Case Study:
Hittle Landscape

Hittle Credits RSVP for Surge in Homeowner Leads.

Hittle Landscape, a leading landscaping company based in Westfield, Indiana was seeking a better way to generate qualified leads. Having experimented with a variety of media and communication channels with varied results, they turned to RSVP.

Hittle’s President, Scott DeNardin shared that, “RSVP was appealing because it’s targeted to our ideal customer — more affluent homeowners. We also liked the upscale format and the affordable price.”

“It was important that we be able to isolate the distribution to our primary service areas and not waste money marketing beyond a certain drive time. RSVP’s zoning allowed us to do this.”

In addition to leveraging RSVP’s ability to reach a better audience affordably and efficiently, Hittle’s creative and messaging strategy was also a bit unique. Typically, advertisers will run a single postcard in the RSVP postcard pack. However, Hittle felt it would be more impactful to spread two of their core services – Design/Build and Irrigation across two separate postcards.

“We felt like this would increase our odds of being seen in RSVP. It “ would also elicit better response by appealing to the homeowners’ specific interests.”

The first Hittle postcards were distributed in RSVP’s early Spring edition. So, what were the results?


“We were blown away!” DeNardin told us. “In the first month, we’ve already received 65 phone leads directly from our RSVP cards.” We asked Scott what he would say to someone considering advertising in RSVP. “I would highly recommend it. From the initial onboarding, artwork creation, production, delivery, and follow-up they’ve been very professional throughout the process. Most importantly, the ROI was fantastic!”



New Phone Calls

Case Study:
Westminster Village North


Westminster Village is a non-profit, continuing care retirement community set on 57 beautiful acres located on the northeast side of Indianapolis. This case study examines a successful multi-channel marketing campaign supported by T6 Marketing designed to attract prospective residents. Strategy The facility would host an event to attract prospective residents and offer a tour of their Tamarack Villa luxury apartment units. The theme was “Tacos and a Tour”. Guests would enjoy free tacos and prizes followed by a tour. Based on the client’s target demographic, T6 Marketing handled all aspects of the direct mail effort from list procurement to design & delivery to over 16,000 area residents. The postcard’s festive design, bright colors and compelling offer directed recipients to a Facebook event page where they could learn more about Westminster Village, the Tacos and Tour event and register their visit. Local TV coverage brought additional exposure the morning of the event.


According to Director of Marketing, Amy Morgan, “The event was a huge success with over 40 qualified attendees!” Given the strong results, future events employing similar strategies are already in the works.



Qaulified Attendee's

Case Study:
Daniel's Vineyard


Direct mail campaigns remain a valuable marketing strategy for driving customer engagement and generating traffic to local events. This case study examines a successful direct mail campaign implemented by Daniel's Vineyard, to promote their Summer Concert Series. The campaign effectively attracted a substantial audience and increased brand awareness, resulting in a successful event.


Daniel's Vineyard, an established winery located in McCordsville, IN known for its wine production and event venue, regularly hosts the Summer Concert Series to enhance customer experiences and attract new visitors. Recognizing the potential of direct mail as an impactful marketing tool, Daniel's Vineyard decided to leverage this strategy to reach a broader audience and increase attendance at their upcoming concert series.


The marketing team at Daniel's Vineyard formulated a comprehensive strategy to create event awareness and inspire local residents to attend the Summer Concert Series. The key components of their strategy included social media and a variety of print mediums including newspaper, community magazines and a new addition, RSVP’s Luxury Postcard Pack.

With a compelling design and messaging, Daniel's Vineyard created a visually engaging mailer. The artwork incorporated vibrant images of past concerts, picturesque vineyards, and the artists scheduled to perform in the Summer Concert Series. The accompanying copy conveyed the unique atmosphere, musical talent, and the winery's commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience.

The RSVP postcard included a unique QR code allowing recipients to conveniently access the winery's website and purchase tickets online. The card included an offer of 2 Free lawn tickets when redeemed at the gate.


The direct mail campaign has yielded remarkable results, significantly increasing attendance at Daniel's Vineyard Summer Concert Series with the RSVP postcard producing one of the highest redemption rates of all media based on tracked QR code scans and physical card redemptions.