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At T6 Marketing Advantage, we are dedicated to boosting your digital advertising strategies beyond your expectations. As a leading marketing agency in Indianapolis, we specialize in creating customized solutions that resonate with your target audience, driving engagement and conversions.

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The T6 Marketing Advantage

At T6 Marketing Advantage, we understand that every business is unique. Our approach is centered on crafting tailored digital advertising services that align with your business needs. We pride ourselves on leveraging innovative and effective marketing techniques to ensure maximum impact and visibility for your brand. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to every campaign.

Local Listings Management

Local Listings Management

    • Consumers won’t trust a local business80%
    • Being found and accurate online can be challenging for businesses. We help business owners own their listings and take control of their online brand. Own your data online, appear in local search, and keep your information up-to-date.
    • We help our clients maintain consistent business information across the web, mobile apps, voice search, and more. Rank higher in search results and be found everywhere your customers are looking.
    • 80% of consumers won’t trust a local business unless their online listings and citations are correct.
    Social Media Management

    Social Media Management

      • Increased Exposure88%
      • Increased Traffic78%
      • Developed Loyal Fans69%
      • Social platforms help your local business clients connect with their customers, increase brand awareness, and, most importantly, generate leads to boost sales.
      • Content Marketing
      • Creating quality content is time-consuming and requires subject matter expertise, but it’s worth it! Business owners have been able to use suitable videos, images, and blogs for years. We provide businesses with everything from custom logos to promotional videos and everything in between.
      • Increased Exposure 88%, Increased Traffic 78%, Developed Loyal Fans 69%, Provided Marketplace Insight 66%, General Leads 66%, Increased Thought Leadership 57%, Grew Busienss Percentages 53% and Improved Sales 52%.
      website Design and Hosting

      Website Design and Hosting

        • Conversion Rates Drop in Page Load Time4%
        • Less Likely to Purchase from a Negative Online Experience 62%
        • We offer website design solutions that are right for you—no matter your experience level. From drag-and-drop pages to in-depth tools for web developers, we provide solutions for the entire range of web page creators.
        • Website conversion rates have been shown to drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time. Even worse, 62% of consumers are less likely to purchase from a business after having a negative online experience.
        Digital Advertising

        Digital Advertising

          • More Likely to Buy When Using Retargeting70%
          • Ad Clicks on Mobile Devices50%
          • Conversion Rates can be Boosted40%
          • Running pay-per-click advertising campaigns can instantly get your business to appear in search results. It’s quick, cost-effective, and a great way to test product/market fit, but it’s not always easy to execute. We help our clients track and analyze multiple PPC ad campaigns from platforms like Google Ads search and display ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, and more.
          • Customers are up to 70% more likely to buy your product when you use retargeting.
          • Over 50% of ad clicks happen on mobile devices.
          • Conversion rates can be boosted beyond 40% by combining similar audiences with display remarketing campaigns.


            • Top Result in Google Gets the Clicks31%
            • 60% of search results contain a “People also ask” section60%
            • Organic search, paid search, backlinks, onsite SEO, offsite SEO, content, keywords—search engine optimization is complex. Employing the proper SEO tactics for your clients can be challenging. We help businesses rank higher in search for the keywords their customers use.
            • The top result in Google is 31.7% of all clicks.
            • Nearly 60% of search results contain a “People also ask” section.

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